If you or your team has innovative ideas please contact us and share your vision with our team.

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The Mr. Nice Guy Foundation Team

About The Mr. Nice Guy Foundation

The inspiration for the Mr. Nice Guy Foundation comes from our desire to effectively contribute to our local communities. Mr. Nice Guy’s Mission is to identify and fund programs which can enable children and adults to achieve their dreams in ways that uplift the community as a whole. We also seek ways to support our communities’ environment, culture, and key infrastructure, as when our foundation is solid, we can all reach higher together. We want to execute our mission in solidarity, with network effects where the actions of one person can help many, multiplying impact.

Mr. Nice Guy believes in listening and being open to bigger and better ideas. If you or your team has innovative ideas which seek contributions or support in alignment with our Mission, please contact us and share your vision with our team.

Our Programs

Mr. Nice Guy Foundation has backed scores of charitable programs, big and small, across the California communities where we operate.


Triunfo Jiu Jitsu

In partnership with Professor Felipe Fogolin, a national champion and 4th degree black belt, we have established...


Arts Commission – Utility Box Art

Our Foundation works with the city of Costa Mesa to promote the Cultural Arts through sponsorships...

Heroes Hall Veterans Foundation

We are working with Union Leaders of Heroes Hall to contribute to bettering the lives of Veterans in Southern California.

The Mr. Nice Guy Foundation Team


Michael Ng

President and Grant Manager


Patrick Martin

Chairman of the Board


Chris Glew

Chief Counsel and Program Manager

Mr. Nice Guy Foundation News

The Mr. Nice Guy Foundation would love to hear from you about additional programs we can pursue in pursuit of our Mission.


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