What People are Saying
The Mr. Nice Guy Show...

"Regardless of the topic the show is always presented with humour, insight and a well-honed sense of the ironic." (Adelaide, Australia)

"Your observations, representative of humankind's foibles, are insightful, humorous, and often jarring. Excellent."

"The smile in my heart lasts way longer than the smile in my head after listening to the mr. nice guy show."

"I stumbled on your show around episode 200 or so and have been an avid listener since." (Springfield, Illinois)

"...sparkling humor and witty commentary on some of the stupider stuff in our society today."

"I always look forward to [your shows] - they're short and pithy, yet informative and amusing." (Sydney, Australia)

"You have a delightfully personal way of putting things." (Pennsylvania)

"Who knew?! Marv K is a humorist? I always thought he was just a malcontent!"

"I love your show and really dislike the regular radio stations in my car." (California)

"Marvelous! (No pun intended)"

"You should do standup comedy!"

"I laughed out loud..."

"Just a few words to thank you for your podcast!
I'm listening to you from Paris, France and enjoying to get
news from the US other than formated TV/radio crap.
Keep on podcasting!

"Your show is simply great." (Michigan)

"Different...humourous...a neat slant on our world!" (British Columbia)

"Fab show - it never fails to brighten my day. Today I laughed so hard while on the train, I snorted coffee through my nose, much to the disgust of my fellow commuters. ...Anyway, thanks for putting in the effort and being most excellent." (London, UK)

"Your light, breezy...show is in permanent rotation on my podcast list. I enjoy the fact that you really seem to like what you are doing, and seem genuinely enthusiastic doing your 'cast. And I like the eclectic subject matter!!" (Illinois)

"I learn a lot from your show. The web site research is excellent."

"We like to listen...and drink a glass of wine after the boys go to bed."

"Nice podcast!...Thanks again for your work - your show is lots of fun."

"I listen to you while I'm doing this and that at my desk at work."

"The Mr. Nice Guy Shows are great!"

"I enjoy listening to your topics..."

"Glad to hear the 'niche' has been located!" (Pennsylvania)

"You're still funny!"

"...very talented..."

"I think you can officially say you are a funny AND a nice guy!"



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