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Okay, call me crazy - wait, not yet - but I think this is a really good podcast.

I try very hard to find the stories and other material for us to consider. I put the show together with the goal of making it fun and interesting, thoughtful, but light. Unlike the terrestrial broadcasters, I do all this mindful of the fact that you are a caring, thinking, sensitive individual with some common sense, curiosity and openness to new ideas. Not a "demographic" or like a sheep. That's what they do in the radio and TV business. I have more respect for you than that.

Maybe it's pride or low self-esteem, but I'd really like this show to grow in popularity. I think others would like it just as much as we do. I include you in this since you're here at this site and have stayed with me through the third paragraph. I'm grateful.

What you can do to help...
  •Tell a friend about the show and all the big fun we have here
  •If you do a podcast, feel free to use these
   promos [as provided, unedited] in your show:

October '05 Promo One

October '05 Promo Two

October '05 Promo Three

  •I'd also be happy to record a custom Mr. Nice Guy Show promo
      for your podcast and even be a guest on your show

  •Please let me know if you have any other suggestions

I appreciate your help.
Most of all, thanks for listening!





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