Monetize Mr. Nice Guy???

Monetize. It seems to be a new word people in the online world are throwing around a lot  these days. Apparently, it means "How can I make money off this?" This, of course, being anything, everything possible.

Just about six months after the debut of this show and site in February of 2005, I put up this digital "Tip Jar"

after my mom asked me why Howard Stern can make millions while I do a show that generates no money for me. She's got a point.

If you would like click on the jar to use PayPal to show your gratitude and help support this show I am so proud of, feel free and accept my thanks. Below are other ways to show that you like what you hear on The Mr. Nice Guy Show...

Make a donation to your favourite worthy cause, or some of mine...

Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
There are
many options available and you can even give right online

People for the American Way

American Civil Liberties Union

Southern Poverty Law Center

National Organization for Women

Planned Parenthood Federation

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism







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