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Mr. Nice Guy calls his hometown Oswego, New York, a small city of 17,000 people on the shores of Lake Ontario, 38 miles north of Syracuse.

He has a BA in Communication Studies - Broadcasting from SUNY Oswego and a Master of Library Science degree from SUNY University at Buffalo.

Before earning the MLS, Mr. Nice Guy held a wide variety of positions leading him to run for comfort to grad school in Buffalo. He was a radio personality in Oswego, Syracuse, Binghamton and Geneva, New York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He sold advertising for several radio stations and a daily newspaper. He's also sold retail furniture and clothing, worked as an assistant in the legal department of a state agency and DJ'd dozens of parties where he helped celebrate some of the most memorable life cycle of events of many nice people. He also had lots of smoke blown in his face while intoxicated folks requested Old Time Rock and Roll and the Chicken Dance.

While attending library school, Mr. Nice Guy did practica (fancy word for internships) at libraries in Tonawanda, New York and Welland, Ontario. After completing the master's degree program, he began his new career as a reference librarian working in Jacksonville, Florida, which he kindly describes as "a toilet and unquestionably the worst city in the worst state in the nation." After the eight month stay in Jackassville, he worked with many wonderful people at a community college in West Tennessee, then at public libraries in Ohio and Missouri.

Mr. Nice Guy has a big mouth and lots of opinions few people probably care about. Nonetheless, he has been published in The Syracuse Post Standard, The Jackson (TN) Sun, The Vancouver Province, The Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, The Oswego Palladium Times, as well as Reform Judaism and American Libraries magazines.

All these life experiences, plus extensive research skills and being an admitted "news junkie," provide Mr. Nice Guy with lots to talk about. The "how to talk about it" skills came from years of scrupulous listening to absolute masters of radio broadcasting. People aware of the power and magic of talking to listeners, not at them: William B. Williams, Ted Brown, Bob Fitzsimmons, Arthur Black, Michael Enright, John Oakley, Bob Jones (long-lost friend and former host of the legendary Milkman's Matinee, with whom Mr. Nice Guy spent many hours in the studio observing and learning. Where is Bob Jones now???), and, most notably, the late Gene Klavan.

Despite millions of dollars in ad revenues, hundreds of thousands of listeners, dozens of character voices and bits to consider, on several occasions, Klavan, a comic genius (whose son is mystery writer Andrew Klavan) allowed Mr. Nice Guy to sit in on his highly-rated and highly respected morning drive show. The listening and observing proved to be a "classroom" like no other and taught that doing the best "radio show" is about respecting an audience, not barking at them like a dog or using the forum to get off on oneself. In a complicated world, people need to smile and welcome smiles from a friend...even an electronic, digital one.

Klavan always said about radio, "It ain't an art form." Those who knew, loved, listened to and learned from him, his good heart and good soul, know he'd agree that it is all about thinking and caring.

Mr. Nice Guy is very single and holds out minimal hope of someday marrying a reasonably intelligent, attractive woman with a good sense of humour, a whole lot of patience and the ability to tolerate a querulous but charming loner. He loves following news and popular culture, walking, restaurants, Canadian travel (and practically anything else Canadian, for that matter), and is a proud member of the family of Reform Judaism, working to mend our imperfect world into a place where all love their neighbours as themselves.


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